PERSONAL scientific fitness training programs

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Athletic development program

To be a professional and successful athlete requires a lot of hard work and dedication nowadays. That, however, is largely misunderstood. In order to allow our body to develop properly and to reach its maximum potential, we need to apply the right methods at the right time which is essential in Be Strong’s systematic approach. Throughout the development, young athletes are undergoing certain transitional and sensitive periods, just like any of us. Sports and related activities directly affect specific motor skill that is the best to develop in these circumstances.

Rehabilitation strength program

Whether it is the rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain caused by sitting for too long, or deformities caused by improper development, many years of experience have shown that in most cases recovery depends on the combination of your will, and the expertise of the private personal trainer to adjust the program.
Our body and your fitness levels tend to change over time, so it’s not uncommon to jump right back into an old workout routine, knowing your body is assuredly different than it was during your last workout. But it is of the utmost importance that you assess your fitness before beginning any fitness program even with a physical exercise trainer.

Weight loss program

Obesity has been one of the biggest health problems in the world. Unsurprisingly, a lot of research focused on the causes of obesity and on the means of how to prevent and treat it. Many seem to think that a lack of willpower causes belly fat and obesity. That is not entirely true. Although the body condition is a direct result of eating behaviour and lifestyle, it can result from hormones, genetics, insulin, food addiction, leptin resistance, and even misinformation too. The issues remain the same: Can I lose weight fast and in a healthy way? Is there a correct diet plan I should follow? What are the best exercises to lose weight and make a healthy diet plan for weight loss?

Semi private program

Our semi-private training packages are designed for people aiming to reach their goals in a more interactive environment. The program is based on small groups, customized and personalized depending on the goals of certain fitness programs. Workouts are based on improving mobility, stability, strength and cardio segments. We are also providing small group programs for athletes to reach their ultimate performance, kids/teenagers to improve their motor skills and for seniors to improve their health. Training sessions are guided by a single coach/personal trainer in a 2-4 people group. This way the coach can explain the training by demonstrating each exercise and checking how each individual of a small group copes with the set goals.

Before you start it is required to know


Apply through our website and you will recieve call from our representative.


Before you start with any Be Strong training program, initial assessment is mandatory.


Training groups will be made related with your current physical condition and goal.